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On my way to the store

I find that it is easy to think that what I am doing is more important than what you are doing which causes me to miss my opportunity to be a good person and neighbor. Being a good neighbor is not just an opportunity to support and help a neighbor, it is also an opportunity to give to those in need of a little help.

I got my grocery list and shopping bags together and stepped out the front door to began the short walk to the grocery store. As I got to the sidewalk I noticed that my neighbor was in front of my mid-century modern home pulling her two wheel grocery cart down the sidewalk. Taking this as an opportunity to be neighborly I stepped onto the sidewalk near her and asked if she would like company on her trip to the grocery store. The sun was beating down and the wind was still, the day was best described as muggy. She smiled showing her pearly white teeth and said “Sure” and we began our journey. It was a sweltering summer day around noon, she is wearing a loose fitting top with no bra and I didn’t see any panty lines so I guessed that she is as hot as I am and doesn’t want to feel even hotter by extra clothing. Because of the heat, I also choose to go commando.

We began a casual conversation by discussing how hot this summer has been and how neither of us is looking forward to the next week of above average summer temperatures. Its not like this weather is unusual for were we live, it just a way to have a conversation without a specific topic and without saying anything important. Guys do it all of the time.

Our conversation was pleasant and watching her thin sexy body and her unbound tits was a pure delight.

As we walked along with the sun beating down on us we both began to perspire. At first it was beads of moisture forming on our foreheads and upper lips, then these beads began to expand and slowly they formed a drip that combined with other drips to create a stream of running moisture. This wetness made our clothing damp which made it cling to our bodies. The moisture outlined her jiggly breasts which made her nipples hard.

When she noticed that I had noticed her hard nipples and she improved her posture which pushed them out even more. What an interesting unspoken game we are playing. My manhood was also in the game forcing it’s self down my right pant leg, causing me discomfort and making me stick my hand down my trousers and straighten him up, giving me a rather large bulge. She couldn’t help but notice my action and smiled in unspoken approval.

We began discussing our families. She began by saying how happy she was to be divorced from the man who fathered her two children. Her children were both happily married and were beginning to think of having their own children. She expressed excitement at the prospect of being a grandmother and described how she was looking forward to being “Mamma,” which is what she hopes her grandchildren with call her. I mentioned that I too am looking foreword to having grandchildren even though I’m not sure when or even if my children will make it happen. I told her that my children seem to need encouragement, but since I’m not involved in their relationship, I’m keeping my opinions and hopes to myself.

When we walked into the cool almost cold grocery store both of us shivered from the temperature change and both of our visible erections get even more prominent.

What a delightful and pleasant walk I had on a sweltering summer’s day. This morning I would have never guessed that this slightly over weight seventy something year old man would be flirting with a cute sexy middle aged woman.

After we adjusted to the temperature change we went our separate ways, engaging in a modern form of the age old hunter-gather ritual – grocery shopping. I got steak, potatoes and a salad with some dressing.

In part by happenstance and in part by good timing on my part, we were in a checkout line at almost the same time. She is obviously better at shopping than I am because I had today’s dinner and she had two meals per day for three days.

Now we began the return trip…

I can say with out a doubt that the return trip was every bit as good as the trip to the grocery store.

But when we got back she took things to a whole new level.

Hopefully, sex is just for fun. This especially true after one has raised and sent all of their children out into the world. The older I get, the better I get at sex, the more fun it is.

When we got back to my place I invited her in for a cold one and to my delight she said yes.

Drinking a beer when you are dripping wet from the sweltering heat is very nice. It goes down really smooth, very quickly and at first you feel nothing. Additionally, your still thirsty and hot, so we had a second and then a third cold one.

As we drank she became very relaxed and I could see that her nipples were hard again. I was pretty sure they were not hard because she was cold and I was hopping that she was thinking the same thing that I was thinking and when I placed my hand on her leg. Her response was like turning on a Christmas tree. I discovered she was more that a little interested. So in a daring move I offered her some Nipple Teasers which, after she took off her thin T-shirt top, she expertly placed on her erect nipples, thus exposing her beautiful firm sexy inviting breasts.

When I invited her to move to a more comfortable setting, she accepted with a giggle, a wiggle and a smile. I found her response to be both wonderful and exciting allowing me to continue our mutual seduction by leading her to my bedroom.

This is no ordinary bedroom, it is large, well decorated and very comfortable with great light, (I know some people like dark for intimacy, but I like light but not too bright) cozy furniture and a wonderful bed designed for any and all activities. It has a firm king-size mattress and with lots of colorful pillows, beautiful sheets and a display of sex toys sitting on an ottoman at its foot.

One of my favorite items in my bedroom is a massage table. I suggested that if she was interested that I am a pretty good masseuse. Like every woman I have ever invited into my bedroom she said yes to a massage. Too my surprise she immediately dropped her dress, climbed up on my massage table and laid face down on my table. Most women keep their cloths on, but I am not complaining and the view is intoxicating.

I turned on my play list that is designed to relax and not be the focus of attention. Listening to music is nice but listening to music that makes you want to dance is not useful when one is receiving or giving a seductive massage.

I lit some candles so I could turn off most of the lights. They are scented with lavender which I am told is the most relaxing and seductive fragrance. For a variety I sometimes I use candles scented with sea-breeze.

I got my Massage Oil with a Massage Roller Ball that uses a no stain blend of quality sensual massage oils and I poured an adequate amount on my right hand and held it for a few moments as it began to warm. My massage oil is a 100% natural blend of spa quality oils for romantic soothing massage therapy especially designed for couples.

It is important to use a natural oil when giving a massage. If you wish you can use fresh (older oils tend to turn rancid) house-hold oils like sunflower oil or grape seed oil. Jojoba and almond oils are also very effective and have natural pleasant aromas.

If you have essential oils you can add a small amount to your massage oil. Be certain that it is not contaminated pure essential oil. Do not use chemical perfume or chemical perfume oils because these ingredients will be absorbed into both of your bodies. If it is not for human consumption, don’t use it. If you or your partner is pregnant, planing to get pregnant or has any serious medical condition consult a medical doctor before using essential oils or anything that could hurt a mother, baby or unborn fetus.

If your hands are not warm, rub them together until they are warm and you are ready to give a sensuous gentle relaxing massage. Neither cold oil nor cold hands can give a relaxing massage. So warm up your oil before you put it on your hands or your partner.

Make certain you have plenty of clean soft towels available before you begin your massage. You need them to protect your massage table and the floor. Begin by covering your massage table’s surface in towels. Next have towels available to cover the luck massage recipient. Because of modesty most people keep their underwear on through out the massage. It is good to use towels to keep them warm and to provide them with some modesty. Obviously that was not our plan. Finally, extra towels are used by to masseuse to remove excess oil both during and after the massage.

Make certain the room is comfortable and warm enough for a person without clothing. Be absolutely certain that you will not be disturbed while you are giving them their massage. Keep all other people, children and pets away from your massage space.

The first thing to relax is yourself. Before you touch your the person you will be massaging, do a progressive relaxation. Because tension is transmitted through touch, it is necessary to remove it from your body before you touch them.

Begin with a couple deep cleansing breaths and do a progressing relaxation process beginning at the top of your head and progressing down your entire body. It is good to do this in spoken form so the person receiving a massage can listen and follow your example.

From behind and above, I placed my hands on both of her shoulders and began to knead her shoulder muscles with my thumbs. I found tightness and began to press hard on it, first on one side and then the other side. I continued until both shoulder were very relaxed. I followed up with a muscle snap, which involved finding both ends of the tense muscle, pressing down of both ends at the same time and quickly pulling my thumbs or hands apart. This action forces a muscle to relax in an ahhh experience.

Next I had her sit up so I can face her and use a press and release technique along her neck and up to her hairline. Then I made a fist with both hands and rubbed my knuckles gently and firmly across the tops of her shoulders. I continued until there was no tension left in her shoulders. I followed this by using a press and release techniques across the tops of her shoulders. After I had her lay down, I continued this technique up and down her spine.

When I got to her upper back I had her bend her elbows so her shoulder blades stick out. Which gives me access to the muscles around the edges of her shoulder blades that are very tense and have knots that I use my thumbs to press and release until the muscles relax.

When I am satisfied with her shoulders I lift her left hand slowly until it is off the bed and gently touch the back of her forearm moving over her shoulder and down the right arm. Next I it all in reverse starting with her right arm.

Next I massaged her feet by wrapping both of my hands around her right foot and used my thumbs to apply pressure. I focused on the arch of her foot then I went to the ball of her foot and finally to her heal. I followed this by repeating the same actions of her left foot.

Her massage continued as I worked my way up her amazing legs. I gave each leg several long relaxing strokes then I applied light pressure with both hands touching, stretching and smoothing her skin. Next I began kneading her right calf muscle and moving up towards her thigh. I then repeated with her left leg. xxx

After the massage, my first agenda was to get my lips on those beautiful nipples and suck them one by one until she get moist and is squirming with delight. Once I had enjoyed each wonderful tit individually, I brought them together and sucked them both at the same time. Apparently this was something new for her because she delighted in this action and began moving to make it easy for me to continue, which I did with gusto. I found her receptivity was increasing as we continued toward a relationship of her being my slave as I increased my power over her with ever increasing desire.

I reached into my box of goodies and found a small strong Evolved Vibrator which I turned on and placed on her pussy. Her closed eyes opened wide and she took the vibrator and held it exactly where she wanted it, which was a delight for both of us. The Evolved Vibrator was making her hips gyrate and her head lean back as I continued lavishing attention on her soft, ultra sensitive boobs.

Apparently we found a good combination because I was rock hard and she was beginning to have orgasms, one right after another. By the time I was finished sucking both of her breasts, I had lost count of her orgasms and I was ready to wrap my lips around her clitoris. I sucked and fondled her clitoris with my lips and tongue increasing her orgasms and the likelihood that she would soon be squirting. I was getting ready to dip my manhood into her sexy lady. I paused for a short time allowing her to calmed down a little and to breathe more normally. When she was about to catch her breath, I sat up on my knees revealing my fully erect manhood and she gave me her blessings with a broad smile and an open mouth of approval. Because it is so much fun, I encouraged her to go down on my manhood. She eagerly jumped at the change, latching onto my dick like a hungry vacuum. As she was sucking my dick she played with my balls, squeezing them just enough to make them slip back and forth between her fingers. This drives me wild and I had to slow her down to prevent me from exploding in her mouth. Maybe we will do this another time. Regardless, it is obvious that she not only knows what she is doing but much to my delight she also enjoys giving head.

To make certain that I would last as long as we both desired I reach for my Couples Enhancer Ring.

Because it is nice and tight I need to make it easier to slip into, so I apply some erotic Pheromone Massage Oil.

As men know, our balls are sucked back inside our bodies when we begin to get close to orgasm. The Rockin’ Rabbit Enhancer keeps them on the outside making an orgasm even more intense.

Sometimes I like to change up the sexual experience with a little butt play. When this is the experience I’m looking for I use one of the Booty Sparks plugs. Be sure to oil up with Pheromone Massage Oil before insertion and it is very important to relax your sphincter before insertion. This is an activity that is enhanced by practice. The better you can relax your sphincter the better the experience. Insertion can hurt if you are not relaxed and well oiled. Both the Booty Sparks plug and your anal entrance need to be well lubricated with Pheromone Massage Oil.

Talk about Taboo… amazing! Some of my partners have really enjoyed extended anal play and insist on using the Sassy Anal Beads. These beads begin at a small one fourth inch and work their way up to and amazing one inch. Be sure to add a few drops of Pheromone Massage Oil anal lube on each bead before you begin inserting the first one and continue adding oil to the beads until you decide you have enough inside. Beginners will require practice both inserting and removing the Sassy Anal Beads. Remember, you can stop inserting these Sassy Anal Beads at any time. Or you can put one or more in and wait until you are comfortable enough to add more and then you can remove them when you are ready. Most anal beginners need to practice with the first few beads before they are ready to insert more. They come (cum) out slowly with a pull ring for an exciting removal and for some sensitive and lucky people, a wonderful climax.

When you have finished playing with your toys, be certain to wash them with Sex Toy Cleaner, which is a special cleanser that doesn’t leave a soapy residue on our toys. We want to avoid this undesired residue because it will irritate our wonderful dick, cunt and anus.

This cleanser is a spray that includes Triciosan which is an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and works with all types of sex toys. Just spray, wash, rinse and pat dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner has no scent or taste, and it is safe for use on most sex toy materials, including rubber silicone, plastic, and glass.

Sometimes I like to take total charge of my consenting conquest and use an Obey Me Blindfold. When I use the Obey Me Blindfold I enjoy tying her up with the Restrain Me Bondage Rope which gives me a lot of options. I can tie up her hands and feet keeping them either together or spreading them apart, depending upon the type of sex we are about to enjoy. When I tie her up I make certain that she is comfortable, but not to relaxed. I want her full attention to be on the pleasurable experiences she is having. Some of my partners enjoy my Bound to Surrender hand Cuffs which will restrain but do not bind or hurt my wonderful “sex toy” partner.

Another favorite of mine is the Petal Pusher Labia Spreader which allows me to see inside of her cunt as I play with her vagina. These bendable arms holds her open so I can suck, finger and fuck her with ease. This amazing toy rests on her G-Spot increasing her pleasure and sensitivity as I suck and play with her. Now the problem with the G-Spot is that it is not in the same place for all women. The G-Spot can some times be on the clit or on either side. Fortunately for us men for most women it is near or on the clitoris but it is important to communicate with your partner because each women is unique. Make it a pleasurable adventure to discover where the G-Spot is on your partner.

We are not done. Men have one spot on the outside or front of their penis that is the most sensitive and deserving of the most attention when you are ready for him to climax. This is equal to a women’s G-Spot. To find the G-Spot insert your pointer finger between one and two inches into her vagina and curl your finger. If you feel a small patch of spongy tissue, it is the G-Spot. If you don’t find it your finger may not be long enough and you need a sex toy to reach it. Keep searching, the results is worth the effort.

Most women have another sensitive area known as the A-Spot.

I’m sure you are wondering where the A-Spot is located. It is along the front vaginal wall about 2 inches deeper that the G-Spot. It is usually discovered between 4 and 6 inches further down the vaginal canal. Because each woman is unique, variation is to be expected and exploration is both a requirement and a delight.

For most women the A-Spot is more of a pleasure zone and for some it is a specific spot. Regardless there are a number of nerve endings in this area that make it pleasurable to touch and she will respond when you vary the amount of pressure you apply. I recommend that you start with a very lite touch and increase it slightly using her response as your guide. An A-Spot orgasm is usually more intense and longer lasting than a G-Spot orgasm.

Additionally, the A-Spot is an area of very soft and very sensitive tissue at the very back of the vagina right next to the cervix. Stimulating the A-Spot generally creates a wonderful sensation that quickly releases a lubrication into the vagina. This moisture happens even for women who are not normally sexually responsive. Stimulating the A-Spot also causes some fortunate women to orgasm and unlike G-Spot orgasms, A-Spot orgasms do not cause orgasm hyper-sensitivity making it possible for a woman to have multiple orgasms without resting in-between them.

The U-Spot is another important location that is generally easier for women to find that the A-Spot. It is at the opening of the vagina, right above and to both sides of the urethral opening, (where urine is discharged). Some experts think of this area is similar to the male prostrate. The U-Spot can produce enjoyable, strong erotic sensations when gently stroked. Women generally agree that it is worth experimenting with this erotic zone.

Each of these locations is worth finding and experimenting with so you and your partner know what makes her loose control and abandon to you control of her amazing body. Mastering your lover’s erogenous zones will lead to greater intimacy and more frequent sex. Not bad for an amateur explorer.